The First Step to Generating Your Own Exclusive Insurance Leads

Kylie Customer Persona
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Internet leads are rough because it becomes a mad race against multiple agents to be the first one to contact the prospect.

But what if you could generate your own, exclusive leads? How much better would those leads convert for you?

There are five steps generating your own exclusive leads. We’ll explain the first step today.

Secret #1: Using Customer Personas

You must first decide what kind of insurance leads you want: home, auto, life, etc., Then, decide what who you want to attract. Do you want established, wealthy men in their 60s, first-time home buyers? Newlyweds? Single mothers?

It is not enough to say you want “auto leads,” because policy holders can be so different. For example, a wealthy man in his 60s is less likely to want to save a few dollars insuring his Lexus, whereas a single mother may find it very important to her.

You need to know who your audience is.  You need to understand your customer “Personas.”

What is a Persona? According to my friends at HubSpot, “Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better.”

Knowing who your audience is allows you to tailor your message and your unique value proposition to that Persona.

For example, let’s take an abbreviated look at possible auto lead persona, Kylie the Single Mom:

Kylie is a 24 year-old single mother, earning about $26,000 a year at her current wage of $11 per house. She is renting an apartment for herself and her two small children. She drives an aging hatchback which she absolutely depends on to get her kids to daycare and herself to work. She is a heavy mobile user of social media, especially Facebook. 

The “Kylie” Persona is as specific as possible because if you are going to market to her, you need to know what she is thinking about and worrying about, and them find a compelling way to communicate to her that you have an auto insurance solution that she needs.

If you know that Kylie is worried about making ends meet, unexpected repairs, the cost of maintenance, and not having access to her car, then you can prepare information and offers that appeal to her, such as a brief guide, “How Much Insurance Do I Really Need?” or a free gas card that will attract her to your agency and give you the best possible chance of winning her business.

The first secret to generating your own exclusive insurance leads is identifying the segment(s) you most want to sell to and defining that Persona as clearly as possible. This approach will give you a real advantage compared to simply buying shared “auto leads” from a lead provider.

In reality, there are five steps to setting up your own lead generation system. Using Customer Personas is the first.

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