What Can A Kilt Maker Teach Insurance Agents about Social Media Engagement?

This Kilt Maker’s social media engagement has everything to do with insurance prospecting. Social media engagement was an afterthought for Kristi Karren, of Kristi Karren Highland Sewing, when she posted a short informational video to her Facebook page. But that one little video generated tremendous social media engagement for her business. “People ask me all the time if a kilt can […]

Insurance Leads: 3 Common Mistakes Agents Make

Everybody wants new insurance leads, but not everyone knows how to generate them. The three most common mistakes we see when agents are trying to generate their own insurance leads: Poor targeting Weak response offer A hook without a worm?No automated follow-up Let’s look at each of these. Poor targeting — The first step to […]

Insurance Leads via Look-alikes

Insurance leads come easier via Look-alikes and customer personas. The first of the five steps to generating your own exclusive insurance leads online is creating a solid customer persona. What is a customer persona? “A semi-fictional amalgamation of the various characteristics, needs, wants, worries and aspirations of a target group.”  Customer personas matter because they are […]

The Power of Generating Your Own Insurance Leads Online

Are you buying Internet leads? You’ve heard the saying, “If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.” Insurance agents who buy shared Internet leads are, at best, only eating for the day. Insurance agents who know how to properly leverage […]

The First Step to Generating Your Own Exclusive Insurance Leads

Click above to see a free example of a Customer Persona Internet leads are rough because it becomes a mad race against multiple agents to be the first one to contact the prospect. But what if you could generate your own, exclusive leads? How much better would those leads convert for you? There are five […]

Investment Advisors Not Using Marketing Personas are Shooting Blindly

As an Investment Advisor searching (hoping?) for new clients, you need to know who your audience is (beyond the simple classification of liquid assets).  You need to understand your customer “Personas.” What is a Persona? According to my friends at HubSpot, ;“Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior […]

You Don’t Have to Dance to the Lead Providers’ Music Anymore

How to Generate Leads You can rock on with your bad self when you have an Internet Lead Generation program of your own – bringing you exclusive leads that meet the criteria you set. When you have your own Internet Lead Generation program in place, you don’t have to dance to the music being played […]

(You Don’t Have to Run) The Race to Contact Shared Leads

When you buy Internet leads, you’re entering a race.  A mad, crazy race to reach an unwitting prospect who probably doesn’t realize they are about to be hammered by multiple people responding to the request. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Creating your own Internet-based Lead Generation program lets you enjoy exclusive leads that […]