S. Boyd Karren


Over the past 22 years, Boyd has authored and managed high-performing lead generation programs for companies in the insurance, financial, entertainment and home and personal services industries.

He has authored curriculum in online marketing and agency positioning, and developed the “Money U” business model for digital entrepreneurs.

He has provided strategic and operational training to owners of more than 100 Internet marketing agencies around the world. He is a rare blend of strategic and creative thinking.

Boyd earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana University and a Master’s degree in Global Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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Brenda Cusick


Brenda Cusick has worked in sales and marketing for almost 20 years. She was the Marketing Director for the nation’s largest public university and their internet classes in the early 2000s.

Past clients have included Pepsi Co, TacoBell, Rockwell International, CSUB, CSUN and Farmers Insurance. Recently she started an online avocado company utilizing social media (soley) and sold it to the regions largest avocado grower.

Formerly, a Marketing Director for a Deloutte and Touche’ fastest growing firm in Europe software start up – she created their strategy that lead to 2,700% growth.

She is currently a licensed insurance agent in California. Her B.S. is in small business management and her masters degree (MBA) is in marketing.


The Tech Guy

Bob’s been a tech guy for over 25 years. He started out in computers before personal computers were invented – and created one of the first community-based websites (think Facebook lite) back in 1995.

Technology is both his vocation and hobby. As a result past clients include: Adobe, Amgen, Apple Computer, Disney Television Animation, Disney Feature Animation, FileMaker Inc., Ford Motor Company, Genentech, Herbalife, Power-One, Random House Publishing, Transamerica, Turner Broadcasting and many more.

Bob co-founded an international software company based in Amsterdam, an advertising agency in California, and started his own software company back in 1996.

He is an international speaker, blogger, and all-around helluva guy.