Insurance Leads: 3 Common Mistakes Agents Make

Everybody wants new insurance leads, but not everyone knows how to generate them.

The three most common mistakes we see when agents are trying to generate their own insurance leads:

  1. Poor targeting
  2. Weak response offer
  3. Insurance leads A hook without a worm?No automated follow-up

Let’s look at each of these.

  1. Poor targeting — The first step to generating insurance leads is the proper use of a customer persona. What is a customer persona? “A semi-fictional amalgamation of the various characteristics, needs, wants, worries and aspirations of a target group.” Too many agents decide what kind of leads they want (auto leads) without identifying who is behind those leads. Customer personas matter because they are the road map for marketing to a particular target audience (they work best when they are given a name, and a face, and maybe even a backstory). When you truly understand who you are marketing to, you know what they are thinking about, where they are online, and what types of content topics and offers they will respond to.
  2. Weak response offer — A response offer is a do-this, get-that exchange that provides incentive to a prospect to do what you want, such as request a quote from you. Let’s be clear: A “free quote” is not a response offer. A good response offer serves as a reward to the prospect for providing you with their information and permission to contact them. For example, “Contact me for a free auto quote, and I’ll give you a $5 gas card.” See how that works? Do this, get that.
  3. No automated follow-up — Agents need to have a follow-up system in place, preferably an automated follow-up system to keep in touch with a prospect. An automated follow-up system that educates, informs and maybe even entertains, while keeping your name and value proposition in front of them will go a long way to extending the shelf life of your leads and lowering your cost-per-sale.

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